Discovery/Excursion GO

  • Entry date at Club Med :
  • Villages :
    Phuket, Bali
  • Training :
    Lifeguard Certification
Key phrase
Club Med puts you in contact with many different people that you might not meet otherwise…

My name is Aki and I am an excursion G.O at Club Med Phuket. I have been with Club Med for two years now. Before Club Med, I worked as a nature tour guide. I love being outdoors and traveling, and I really wanted to go abroad. Therefore I started looking for jobs that would help me travel the world and this is how I found Club Med.

My role is to help guests explore the places they visit. For example, I go with them to local touristic or historical places like PhiPhi Island and Phuket Old Town. I am here to help them discover our city and all the amazing things you can do here, I love this kind of work! For me, to be a successful excursion/discovery G.O you have to love nature and travelling because that is the main part of your job. You also have to be good with people, you get so many people from so many different places and it is good to learn how to interact with all of them so they enjoy themselves.

I myself have learned so much about Phuket since I started working for Club Med. I like discovering nice places and working with the local tour guides to give our guests the best experience I can! But most importantly, I have learnt a lot from meeting so many wonderful GMs. I love to meet new people and unlike most companies, Club Med puts you in contact with many different kinds of people that you might not meet otherwise.

For now, I want to continue doing discovery, and maybe advance further in my department. I am also looking forward to travelling to other Club Med villages.