Director of Financial Coordination & Business Support

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    February 2001
  • Training :
    Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d'Angers, specialisation: Revenue Management (ESSCA)
  • Destination Revenue Management Administrator
  • Destination Revenue Manager
  • Revenue Manager
  • Director of Financial Coordination & Business Support
Key phrase
Happiness is finding self-revelation at Club Med, it means learning and achieving personal enrichment from others.

I have always wanted to work in the tourist industry. This is not an insignificant wish as the Club Med brochure was a permanent feature of my parents' table. I therefore grew up with it so to speak! I naturally targeted Club Med for my end-of-course internship. It was a very enriching experience that was followed up by an open-ended contract!

I have held several positions at the Revenue Management Department having been appointed Financial Coordination & Business Support Director for the New Markets Europe-Africa Business Unit. I currently supervise three areas: Management Control, Pricing and Business Support. My expertise in the different support functions dedicated to sales people allowed me to access this position. Being open to market issues, wanting to make them evolve and helping growth of our outgoing markets, having a taste for figures and analysis, liking team work are all skills needed to accomplish my missions.

I am motivated every day by learning, working in a team, moving business forward, in a company with unique values that I share. The human dimension is always present. My best memories are moments of conviviality with work colleagues, for example at seminars in villages, meetings with colleagues from completely different backgrounds and rising to challenges together, success as a team, and moments of sharing with young patients at the Robert Debré children's hospital within the framework of the Club Médterranée Foundation. For me, the happiness of self-revelation at Club Med means learning and finding enrichment in others, having the possibility of evolving towards new professions and rising to new challenges.