Company Law Director

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    March 2001
  • Training :
    DESS (post-graduate diploma) in Business Law, CAPA (bar exam)
  • Business legal adviser
  • Company Law / Stock exchange regulations manager
  • Business law director
Key phrase
Club Med offered me a real professional opportunity while remaining in my field of expertise

After six exciting and formative years spent as a generalist legal adviser within a world-famous group in the leisure and entertainment industry, I was looking to boost my career with new challenges within a Legal Division. I therefore selected some fifteen or so companies whose reputation and prestigious brands and products appealed to me, and they included Club Méditerranée. Fate is a great provider as Club Méditerranée was also looking for a lawyer with my profile at that precise moment. I thus joined the company in 2001.

have now evolved to take on the functions of Business Law Director. I manage a team of 3 legal advisers and we support all legal issues linked to design, promotion, organisation and fulfillment of stays at Club Med. I am very attached to this company which offered me a genuine professional evolution while remaining in my field of expertise and upholding values such as freedom and kindness. Within ten years, I have worked in a very diversified environment where empathy, exchange and enthusiasm dominate and help to ease relations in the workplace and project steering, especially in cross-cutting projects.

In addition, I have fond memories of the "Cap sur l'Incomparable" project with the launch of the upscale movement strategy which was a real turning point in the history of Club Med. It was a period where hope was reborn after troubled times for the tourist industry. Everyone got involved, without counting, in this project. We worked alongside colleagues with whom we were not used to working on an everyday basis. We were all driven by the same enthusiasm hat had been injected into the project. The highlight was the Marrakech convention in November 2004.