Product Line Marketing Manager

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    January 2008
  • Training :
    Hautes Etudes Commerciales, specialisation: Marketing (HEC)
  • Circus G.O. (school holidays)
  • Villas & Chalets Marketing Project Manager
  • Product Line Marketing Manager
Key phrase
I wanted to join Club Med because I was a G.M for years and I believe very strongly in the brand.

JI discovered Club Med at a very young age as I was lucky enough to spend many holidays there. I loved the atmosphere and in 2005, I attempted an initial experience in a village as a Circus G.O during the school holidays!

Once having graduated from HEC, I joined Head Office in January 2008 as Marketing Project Manager to work on the launch of Villas & Chalets. In two years, I evolved at Strategic Marketing by a promotion to the position of Product Line Marketing Manager. My responsibilities are now to steer through the village portfolio via their positioning and offer and represent Customer Marketing vision on village renovation projects or opening of new villages. The aim is also to identify major tourism trends, decode evolutions in the market and see how Club Med can fit in.

To conduct these missions successfully, it is necessary to know how to work in project mode with experts from various professions, know how to give structure to analyses and present them in such a way as to encourage general acceptance and motivation. I also need to try to reconcile ambitious and idealistic visions with operational realities and listen to customers' needs and whims...

At the Club, our aim is to give happiness to our customers and create memories for them that they will never forget.