Food & Beverage Purchasing Manager

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    March 2003
  • Training :
    Training in Economic Science, Master of Business Administration Hospitality
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Food & Beverage Buyer
  • Food & Beverage Purchasing Manager, Small Hotel Equipment and Consumer goods
Key phrase
My best image of Club Med remains people's smile.

The first time I heard about Club Med, I was still a student. Gilbert Trigano, one of the founders of Club Med, had come to our school to present the company. There was such power in his words that I will always remember how he managed to captivate and federate us.

Yet I did not start my career at Club Med. Hired before the end of my internship in a major hotel group, I worked there for 5 years as Purchasing Manager. Later, my path crossed Club Med again as a recruitment firm contact me in late 2002 to offer me a job.

When I started at Club Med as Food & Drinks Buyer, my main mission was to centralise purchases in France. In 2007, I became Food & Beverage Purchasing Manager, Small Hotel Equipment and Consumer Goods and my scope was broadened. My responsibilities then focused on following up contracts on a daily basis, taking into account suppliers' problems, villages and cross-cutting divisions in order to adapt the purchasing strategy while remaining in phase with our upscale movement.

Thanks to Club Med, I was able to discover and love an environment I did not know: the tourist industry! I was able to develop my sense of curiosity and, more generally, my behaviour. At Club Med, you meet a lot of people and the company's DNA matches my vision of life: being happy and making the people around you happy. I have many memories in mind but the best image of Club Med remains people's smile and their kindness!