Fitness Instructor

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    Tourism Management
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Key phrase
Enjoy yourself to be a better person in Club Med


I joined CM with the encouragement of my brother who was a GO at that time. I started working in 2011 as an archery instructor and then little by little moved to other positions like lifeguard and water sports. Today, I am a fitness instructor and I give yoga and gym classes. Fitness is very important for GMs because they all like to be in shape and they always ask me for advices. This is why I have to work hard and be able to communicate perfectly with GMs.

However, communication is not only important for fitness instructors, it is important also for all of the positions at Club Med, because GOs are the ambassadors of the Club Med Spirit and values. They are always in contact with GMs and they should have a perfect attitude and be able to make GMs happy.

Club Med helped me physically with a lot of trainings in order to do my job perfectly and framed my interpersonal skills to become a better person, full of energy and knowledge.

What is my definition of “find the real you”? I think that everyone should be him/herself in the village, not to be fake, smile to and talk with everyone.