Mini Club animateur

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    April 2009
  • Villages :
    Opio en Provence, Agadir, Beldi, Vittel, Marrakech La Palmeraie, Club Med 2
  • Training :
    Literary Baccalaureat, BTS (2-year vocational course) in Tourism
  • Mini Club animateur (school holidays)
Key phrase
Club Med is an excellent school of life

I had known Club Med as a G.M. as I was used to spending my holidays there with my best friend. We immediately adopted the concept: G.Os, and the parties which we loved. At the time I was not very happy with what I was doing in my modern languages course and that is why I decided to drop it and enrolled the following year for a BTS (2-year vocational course) in Tourism. As I did not want to lose a year, I tried my luck at Club Med.

And it worked! I joined the village of Opio en Provence as a Mini Club animateur and every school holiday, I set off to work in a different village. I was thus able to work with 8-10 year olds, 11-13 year olds and even 14-17 year olds. Taking care of children and setting up shows, cultural and sporting activities are no longer a secret for me!

Personally, the Club taught me to open up to others: be available, tolerant, receptive and always smiling. When I arrived at the Club, I was quite shy: contacts with G.Ms seemed difficult and I was incapable of doing what I do today: sketches, speeches, shows, improvisations... The Club brought out a facet of my personality that I did not know! Club Med is an excellent school of life

Even though Club Med was only a summer job for me, I was able to find professional enrichment. The Club taught me organisation and versatility. It also allowed me to travel and thus complete my training in tourism. I realise today that I would like to stay on for a few more seasons! You experience such magical moments! I would love a job at Club Med Business or at reception...