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Organisation of our resorts

What is a resort?

The resort is a unique place, located in splendid sites which, beside accommodation and catering, offer various attractions: entertainment, well-being, sport... To provide all these services, in all seasons, each resort is organised so that everyone can express their talent within a well-defined and secured framework.

Around a resort manager, a team of department managers consists of a financial manager, an HR manager, a technical manager, a hotel services manager and a leisure services manager. All of these 5 functions is called the G.5.

The existence of these positions varies according to the size of the resort and services provided. In certain resorts , if hotel services and/or leisure services manager positions do not exist, service managers report directly to the resort manager.


What is the role of the resort manager?

He/she is the boss at the resort , a unique character. A real orchestrator, he/she is responsible for the life and atmosphere of the resorts. His/her experience, organisational and communication qualities make him/her a manager and charismatic leader who, at any moment, can inject additional soul: the festive spirit.

What is the role of a department manager?

Department managers are required to manage a team of G.Os and/or G.Es (the team can vary from 2 to 100 people) in a specific field and to optimise the organisation of their department. With the resort manager, they weigh up and evaluate the skills of activity managers and of G.Os and G.Es.

What is the role of an activity manager?

Some department managers have a team of activity managers when their area groups together several specialist fields.
For example the sports manager can be backed up by a golf manager, sailing manager, etc. Their role is to manage their activity autonomously and efficiently..

What is a G.O?

The G.O or Gentil Organisateur is the Club Med employee. This name is a Club Med invention. It is unique. The G.O is the ambassador of the Club Med spirit and upholds the company's 5 values: kindness, freedom, responsibility, pioneer, multiculturalism.

What is a G.E?

The G.E. or Gentil Employé is also a Club Med employee native to the country where the resort is located. He or she is sedentary and has a different status from the G.O. G.Os and G.Es form the same team to work towards the same goal: satisfying the G.M. They do different but complementary professions.

What is a G.M?

The G.M or Gentil Membre is the customer of Club Med. G.Ms can be of all ages, single, in a couple or family. They come from all over the world looking for a little happiness in our magical resorts where G.Os and G.Es work for them, without being their servants.